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News of LUIS ZIEMBROWSKI 'The Sleepwalkers' Review  Hollywood Reporter

The underlying tensions of an Argentinian family on vacation are put under the microscope in 'The Sleepwalkers,' Paula Hernández's feature follow-up to 'One ...

Celebrities Tepedia - Famous Luis Ziembrowski 'The Sleepwalkers': Toronto Review | Reviews  Screen International

The fraught relationship between a mother and daughter comes to the boil at a family celebration.

Celebrities Tepedia - Famous Luis Ziembrowski 'The Rotten Link' ('El Eslabon Podrido'): Film Review  Hollywood Reporter

Director Valentin Javier Diment's dark rural fairy tale has been picking up regular awards on the fantasy festival circuit.

Celebrities Tepedia - Famous Luis Ziembrowski 'The Boss, Anatomy of a Crime': Busan Review  Hollywood Reporter

Joaquin Furriel and Luis Zimebrowski headline Sebastian Schindel's understated examination of crime and justice.

Celebrities Tepedia - Famous Luis Ziembrowski Séptimo (2013)  IMDb

A father gets into a desperate search to find his children who disappeared while going down stairs from their apartment in the seventh floor.

Celebrities Tepedia - Famous Luis Ziembrowski 'Kryptonite' ('Kryptonita'): Film Review  Hollywood Reporter

Nicanor Loreti's film is a delirious, Buenos Aires-based recasting of the DC Comics universe.

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